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By Eli Williamson-Jones

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I wrote this screenplay reflecting all the nightmares of the future I was taught growing up. Although it takes alien intervention to help end them, the brief appearance and exit of extraterrestrials leaves it up to humans to take charge and prevent the disastrous horror that would be created in a Third World War.

World W1n is a title playing on the words "won" and "one." The world won when it became one. This conveys the idea I want to get across concerning the potential ahead of us as one united species. In the new century we will be facing the pressing need to come together as one planet, indivisible. The problems confronting humanity can no longer be tackled on a national level. We need a global perspective that can initiate change on a global level. This call for a new world-centric unifying consciousness will get louder and especially if the world's nation states become irrelevant by not addressing the aspirations of humanity's collective body; a livable and sustainable future where the environment of the global commons is protected and the anarchy of war is prevented through the order of international law.

World W1n is also a story about violence and the potential of non violence. I explore the possibilities of non violence in a world where force and violence rule international relations. Many of our political leaders have convinced us the path of war is the only true means for peace but this method is clearly problematic. Preemptive violence is especially destructive because it threatens to destabilize international relations while leading us closer to a Third World War.

Preemptive violence is the anticipation of an attack by another and trying to incapacitate them before one can be proven right or wrong about their intentions. But does preemptive violence make the world more peaceful and safe? The negative side of preemptive violence shows that fears are fed by those who believe they may be on the receiving end of a future attack. Iran seeks nuclear weapons because they want to prevent Tehran from suffering the same kind of invasion as Baghdad. The Pentagon justifies more defense spending to prevent another 9/11 from happening. Preemptive violence, or fears of preemptive violence, can breed a never ending spiral of increased fear and aggression leading to even more destructive conflicts that are very difficult to stop when set into motion.

War has been a fact of human evolution for thousands of years. Should we be naive enough to expect it to change anytime soon? Even if it can't, we can clearly see humanity's collective efforts and goals of trying to take charge of evolution by preventing warfare. This takes place on an individual level anytime a human being resists or tries to ease hate and destructive conflicts inside themselves while keeping them from spilling outside and turning into war with others. On the international level, the United Nations is the first planetary operated institution created to take charge of humanity's collective evolution by preventing a Third World War from erupting between nation states.

The theme of religion as a vehicle for both war and peace is heavily drawn upon in World W1n. It is obvious that science and religion have been used for good and ill on our planet for thousands of years. The pendulum swings both ways and we have seen examples throughout our history of religious and secular fanaticism. A fine balance is needed to keep these two opposites in check. I wrote World W1n with a bias against religious fundamentalism but my next screenplay, Neanderthal's Return, will achieve the opposite. In this trilogy, atheists become the fanatics who persecute the fundamentalists.

Examples of fundamentalism in the West
and the conflict and fear generated between two sides who think different:

Oprah Winfrey vs. Fundamentalist (YouTube)

Fanatic fears that those who think outside of the Bible are working for evil and the quest for peace can only assist the Anti-Christ


Ted Cruz coincedentally shares some things in common with my bad guy John Franklin


Cruz Father: Ted Cruz "Anointed" To "Bring the Spoils of War to the Priests

Ted Cruz Knows That 'God Is Not Done With America'

Evangelists Pray for Donald Trump


Franklin Graham: ‘Only One Election Left’ To Save America From Godless Secularists


Richard Dawkins and Ted Haggard (YouTube)

Creationism Propaganda for Children (YouTube)

Claims that Noah's Ark Has Been Discovered (YouTube)


Bible Theme Park in Kentucky (YouTube)


American Plans to Convert Iraq (YouTube)

George W. Bush and the End Times


Inside the Creation Museum (YouTube)

Bill Moyers (YouTube)

Westboro Baptist Church

Frank Schaffer Talks About Biblical Death Threats Against Obama

ABC Nightline: Preaching Hate in Uganda

God Loves Uganda Trailer


TFC 2010: Marlene Winell from Zachary Moore on Vimeo

Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians United for Israel Tour from huffpost on Vimeo.

World W1n focuses on the dangers of religious fundamentalism because of the increasing number of examples in our world where it threatens the balance between the right and left. Some secularists may be blind to this and see themselves and their nation as superior to those in the Middle East where religious fanatics dominate the headlines. By focusing on imbalance on the other side of the world, we may neglect seeing this imbalance within our midst. If we have fears of religious fanatics hijacking nuclear armed Muslim nations, should we doubt that their citizens also see enough questionable religious influences in our society to justify similar fears? Why wouldn't these Arab nations seek nuclear weapons when they see us with ten thousand of them and our population becoming more and more comfortable with presidents and presidential candidates who view world events through the lens of Christian prophecy and have close ties with fundamentalists in our society?

Waiting for Armageddon Documentary  

Sarah Palin Agrees on Video With God's Plan for Last Days

Michele Bachmann End Times Prayer


Constantine's Sword (documenting the danger from a merging of church and state)

A recent Time and CNN poll reported 36% of Americans believe the Bible is the infallible word of God and 56% believe the prophecies in the Book of Revelation will come true. If we have seen first hand in the Middle East how this tenuous relationship between secular and religious factions can be thrown way out of balance, shouldn't we be on guard against such a scenario unfolding here? Can our nation be considered superior to theirs when we have the same fanatical elements?

More Examples of Fundamentalist Elements in our Society






Having fear of evil on the horizon is often what justifies preemptive violence. In the news we have seen first tier citizens (information about spiral dynamics) and governments in the Middle East who are convinced the majority of people in the United States are fanatical Christians and America is the equivalent of a "Great Satan." They may cite evidence of the atrocities we've committed in Iraq, or our society's obsession with End Time's literature. They may look back at their history books and see how Christian crusaders often started religious wars with Muslims. If all they did was focus on their version of evil, they would ignore the good that exists here while seeking to inflict more preemptive terrorist attacks on our soil.

Fear as the causative agent in preemptive violence is always of a greater evil that will be committed at a future date. It is through this cyclical process that the first tier evolutionary forces perpetuate violence and push us into unnecessary war. Through the use of reason and courageous common sense, we are able to transcend the fear of first tier and approach the level of the second. This isn't saying we shouldn't be aware of the potential imbalances out there and the dangers of ignoring them. It just prevents us from resorting to preemptive violence and making a situation worse than it already was.

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