World Citizen Interview

INTERLOCUTOR: Welcome everyone. We are speaking with a world citizen today about the future. If we want a peaceful world, we will first need to figure out how to end the war between polar opposites. And in a nation where peace is supposed to be valued over war, the polarity within the United States of Democrats vs. Republicans, conservatives vs. liberals, the left vs. the right, can become quite hostile towards each other. Why do you think the population splits down the middle into two opposing sides?


WORLD CITIZEN: I think it has a lot to do with the great polarity underlying most life on Earth between the two opposing sides of masculine and feminine principals. This was explored in a recent Terrence Malick film called "The Tree of Life," which called these two forces; "nature" vs. "grace". This is also reflected in every individual through our two states of being.

Waking / Dreaming

In the day time we are active, seeking food to power our bodies. During the night we are passive as this food is absorbed. Our cells are nourished and repaired so we can be ready for activity again the next day. Take any human being, and let's say this particular person violently harms others during the day. But the moment the lights go out and they fall asleep, there is another half of their being that takes over and it is benevolent, nourishing and restoring their cells for the next day, regardless of whether the other side of themself is going to use it for good or ill. So, one side is benevolent, doing good and the other has freedom to follow its spiritual lead, or go in the opposite direction; using its benefit to cause suffering and evil.


INTERLOCUTOR: Are you saying that Democrats and Republicans are a reflection of these two principals, "nature" vs. "grace".


WORLD CITIZEN: In some ways they are. But it is very important that we don't take this model completely literally. It is useful in describing the overall orientation of each side to a degree, but obviously, both sides can go against the grain. Republicans aren't always on the wrong side and Democrats doing what is correct. Sometimes Democrats can act evil and Republicans are the good guys. Republicans are usually strong on defense while Democrats seek an end to wars and promote peace through diplomacy. There are always exceptions to the rule. Republicans can seek peace while Democrats wage wars.


INTERLOCUTOR: Now what about the left and right coasts? How are they different?


WORLD CITIZEN: The left coast has huge industries created around a spiritually centered orientation. Dreams are the driving force in the film industry. It is here where the imagination rules; the bigger the dream, the bigger the potential for a blockbuster hit. The rise of the film, music, and entertainment industries on the left coast created the need for a vehicle; something to bring them to the masses. So you have the birth of television. And you have the electronics industrial complex rising up to become a vehicle for the expression of these dreams. Your Droid, or iPad have become huge music, film, TV and gaming libraries with potential to deliver the power of dreams into our consciousness 24/7. These dreams are capable of nourishing our spirits and reviving our being within.


INTERLOCUTOR: And what about the right coast?


WORLD CITIZEN: The right coast stands as the material capital of America. This is where politics rule the land with Wall St. as the financial capital and Washington as headquarters for the military industrial complex. Lately, the policies of this side have worsened their bad rap. Wall Street corruption has inspired a global occupy movement, seeking to reform what is seen to be going rotten. And the longest ongoing war in American history has raised a lot of concerns too. Compared to the rest of the world, the American defense budget is more often viewed as obscenely high, where trillions of dollars have been spent perfecting weapons that in a Third World War have the potential to destroy humans by the billions. It is the right side that is being grossly favored over the left, at the expense of their development, which accounts for how they lag behind.


INTERLOCUTOR: In what way?


WORLD CITIZEN: Look at how the military industrial complex gets their money compared to the electronics industrial complex. They aren't offering innovation to our lives like the left coast. They are forcing you to pay for their war misadventures and hardware through taxes. Hollywood, the gaming industry, Apple or Microsoft on the other hand, offer a product you have an option to buy if it is useful in your life. And the remarkable thing, Apple just raised a fortune more vast than all the money in the U.S. treasury by selling machines that have the potential to educate, inspire and enhance the inner potential of humans by the billions.


INTERLOCUTOR: But how does this make them lag behind?


WORLD CITIZEN: Well, imagine if the tables were turned. What if the military industrial complex had to sell their services as an option? Most Americans wouldn't be buying their wars, which means they wouldn't be able to sustain them. And what if Americans were paying taxes to the Electronics Industrial Complex? Apple's new Pentagon size headquarters wouldn't have to wait until 2016 to be built. It would have been standing in Cupertino years ago and we may be one year away from a singularity scale machine that could be a game changer for our global civilization.


INTERLOCUTOR: What is a singularity scale machine?


WORLD CITIZEN: At current rates of development, imagine what a quantum computer tablet computer/HoloLens device might be like ten, fifteen or twenty years from now. Now imagine this super computer arriving early; say today. That's the difference I'm talking about concerning where we are and where we could be. During the Cold War, the Military Industrial Complex employed more than half of the world's scientists and high technologists. And it's not hard to imagine the war against terror generating a similar statistic. Because our priorities have pushed us towards the right, the development of the left coast has been stunted, and we have relied on the genius of a small number of people, to push things as far as where they are today. We're getting closer but still have about fifteen or twenty years before we can get to a point further from self destruction and closer to the singularity.


INTERLOCUTOR: And what does the singularity mean to you?


WORLD CITIZEN: I don't refer to it in exactly the same way Ray Kurzweil does. But I do agree with its overall premise; "when humans transcend biology." In this sense, transcending biology can be a good thing when it is connected with the dark side of human nature; nationalism, tribalism, racism, fear of the other, and the tendency these have in moving us towards self destruction. That's why we need a game changer. The tablet/Hololens machine of the future would provide a means of avoiding this fate; transcending biology by breaking through the fragmentation that divides us.


INTERLOCUTOR: Talk a little more about this fragmentation, and how this super computer might change this.


WORLD CITIZEN: As I speak, the fragmentation is getting worse. America is more polarized now than it has been in a long time, some say since the Civil War. And this polarization is spoiling the relationship between the right and the left. Some people look at each side and see both as rotten. Most of us can see that one side is more nurturing than the other, yet this doesn't stop some from magnifying the short comings of the left coast over the right. Some complain about the film industry's violent movies, yet most can see that violence is better expressed on the big screen than it is in the outside world through war. And some complain about conflict minerals used or unfair policies towards offshore workers, yet we can see the side that pollutes our nation with nuclear waste and bombs innocent people in distant lands with impunity is where the greatest reforms are needed. But now the left is seen just as corrupt as the right because the two are married. Activists get upset with Apple for rejecting a drone strike monitoring app, but they may not see why it is in Apple's interests to not upset the Military Industrial Complex and the right coast, who could make life very difficult for anyone with dreams of building a singularity scale machine. We have already seen how opposing the war machine can get you into hot water, especially in the recent case of Chelsea (Bradley) Manning. The game changing super computer isn't in existence yet, but we all know that this is where the progression of technology is leading. Moore's law continues to see faster and faster processors power our computers every year. Even if the right coast tries to corrupt the good intentions of the left, and further stunt its potential, it is only a matter of time that the left's labor of love finds fruition. And seeing the big picture, the left has clearly shown that it's not inhibited by the barrier of borders. Even if the Electronics Industrial Complex was infiltrated by the Pentagon tomorrow and the internet regulated in America the same way we've seen in some countries with repressive regimes, you would eventually see this game changing technology emerge from some other nation.


INTERLOCUTOR: But how could it be a game changer? How different is your faith in the salvation of humanity through this machine than the faith of a Christian, Muslim or Jew who waits on the return of Christ, the Mahdi or the Jewish Messiah?


WORLD CITIZEN: I can't speak for Jews or Muslims, but I was raised in a Christian family and I find it interesting how faith in the return of Christ among more progressive Christians sometimes represents a spiritual orientation; favoring the left over the right. We have seen throughout most of history, the right side is favored while the left is punished. Right is synonymous with righteousness and left with what is sinister, evil or unlucky when in reality it is often the opposite. Christ claimed that "the last shall be first and the first shall be last." And then he was subsequently killed for trying to embody this philosophy; by favoring those in society who were marginalized, the underdogs, oppressed or stunted by the other side. And so his projection to return and set things straight was an attempt by those to express their desire for the tables to be turned; that the benevolent spiritual side will no longer fall victim to its opposite. It is the expression of spiritual courage to believe that basic goodness will transform the other side and triumph in the end. And faith that something very good will come out of the sum total of human evolution is where this idea of the super computer of tomorrow comes into play. On the other side of the spectrum, some Christian, Muslim and Jewish fanatics believe that humanity is doomed to self-destruct and this is what God's final judgement will be for our Earth. They don't see any redeeming quality in our species because to them, sin has poisoned all of life. And this is also one of the hallmarks of a very strong branch of politics holding sway on the right side. There are fanatical Christians today with great political clout, worshipping in mega churches across America, teaching we are in the End Times. They are very pro Israel and anti-Palestine and they are very strongly aligned with supporting the Military Industrial Complex. To them, it is their duty to help the fulfillment of prophecy, leading to a final battle in the Middle East that can't be resolved without divine retribution and the second coming of Christ. Now I am aware of the great injustices that have been committed in the West in the name of progress. I know there are a lot of people who want to see America crash and burn. I'm just trying to express that my spiritual faith leads me to believe the good side of America and humanity will win in the end. There are seeds of goodness; science, technology and knowledge we have cultivated for thousands of years here that will find expression in the sum total of the benevolent side of our technology. And this will eventually manifest in a super computer, quickly mass produced completely by machines. And the engineers of this computer will have an OS in place that will facilitate mass communication and collaboration between humanity on a global scale, eventually distributed to the masses as universal translator / passport to world citizenship. Nations will become states in the global country of planet Earth and war between them will be as unlikely as it is now for California to wage preemptive war against Kentucky and Louisiana. This is what I believe and what I hope world citizens will help facilitate on Earth through means pre-existent in the ends.

INTERLOCUTOR: Thank you for your time.


What might the tablet/smart phone of the future look like?

Super Tablet