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The most haunting scene in Dawn of Justice depicts Batmanís Knightmare in which his worse fears of Superman turn accurate. In this vision of a terrifying worst case scenario, a post apocalyptic landscape lies in ruins with a giant Omega symbol burned into the horizon. A massive war has turned Superman into a fascist, where even his storm troopers bow down to him as if he were God. This disturbing scene speaks volumes about what we want to avoid in the real world and brings our attention to the possible fears driving Russia and Chinaís military to counter every move of the United States.

The entire world witnessed the cruelty and violence that spilled out of US after 9-11. The Russian and Chinese governments are most likely keenly aware of the dangers that could come in the aftermath of the war on terror, now endangering the left coast through constant threats issued from North Korea. Batman may be seen as symbolic for Russia and perhaps even joined with their ally China. These are the world powers, who if combined, are strong enough to stand up to the US. (Superman) Might North Korea be Darkseid or Apokolips, who sparks the war and kills Supermanís true love; Lois Lane?

Trump must be stopped from pushing the military towards war on the Korean peninsula. The aftermath could destroy the feminine side of US while creating a devastating blow to our civilization and the environment. Now is the time for the Justice League of Humanity (world citizens whose consciousness transcends nationalism - Earth First ) to unite and join forces in preventing the disaster of a 3rd World War, so we can get to the beautiful Dream without the nightmare!


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